Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hello birds!

Since I was a little girl I have always loved drawing and art. When I finished school I decided to pursue my love for art and I studied Fine Art for 3 years. However my life took a turn and I ended up teaching preschool for a few years and later Primary school Art classes. I then became a stay at home Mom looking after my 2 prescious girls. It was only about 3 years ago that I found some time and picked up a paintbrush and watercolours. It was then that I realised how much I missed drawing and painting and so I have tried to make time to paint.

As you can see my favourite subject to paint is birds. I have started painting the sunbirds because these are the birds I see in my garden and in the mountains surrounding us in Cape Town and they are so beautiful! We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful city as Cape Town!

I use very fine brushes to create the detail and I love the soft effects you can achieve with watercolours.

I am also busy painting small birds which I have made into tags for presents and little note cards.

I am almost finished my little crosstitch 3 D house! I will post pics in a few days time.


  1. oh WOW!! there are amazing you are such a amazing artist!! AMAZING!!!!!!!

  2. So proud of you my beautiful momma xoxo

  3. Shirl - follow your passion and you will never go wrong. Proud that you are now making the first steps to starting your business which will be a huge success - just wait and see!!!