Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Crochet time

Crochet time ..... is the time of the day when I am taking the girls to their dancing and gymnastic lessons and I while I wait .... I crochet! 

This diamond cushion cover I made I used Moya yarn in the colours Ice Blue and Snowdrops. 

I decided to hand sew them together and I am so happy with the end result.

I  love the simplicity of this diamond design and I really want to make a blanket now! 

This little sheep I made for Yarndale 2016. Hes really tiny and cute and a very easy, quick project.

I have just finished my Spring Flower cushion and one of my favourite stitches I have learnt to crochet is the Popcorn stitch! 

I used the Moya yarn in Charcoal and Rose Quartz.I just love the Charcoal! 

I followed a great tutorial/ blog for this flower cushion called

This blog has beautiful designs and patterns which are so inspiring. 

Popcorn love! 

For the border I decided to use the Dandy Border pattern from my favourite crochet designer Haafner Linssen from her book called "Hooked on Mandalas " 

The completed cushion with 16 squares all  crocheted together. 

Time for coffee and onto my new crochet project!! 

Have a happy week! 

Shirley xx 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Bo - kaap beauty

We have lived in Cape Town for 17 years now and in all those years we have never ventured into this part of Cape Town.This  area is called the Bo-kaap. We spent a fun Saturday morning walking around the narrow little streets with other visiting tourists and took many photos of these brightly coloured houses. 

These houses were built between 1790 and 1825. 
Over the years the area has come to be identified as the heart of the cultural life of the Malay people.

 Two basic styles of architecture predominate the Malay Quarter - Cape Dutch and Cape Georgian - the character of the styles being very similar. 

 A part of the Malay Quarter,  the streets Wale, Church, Shortmarket and Rose and Chiapinni Streets, was declared a National Monument in 1966 and in 1971 the City Council began the first phase of restoration. Care is being taken that the existing beauty and unity be preserved as an example of traditional, Cape, domestic architecture. Also It is intended the cobbled streets will be restored and lamps will replace electricity poles and cables.

These bright, beautiful houses are tucked away under the slopes of Signal Hill with a magnificent view of Table mountain in the distance.

This shop nestled amongst the houses has brightly coloured beaded animals of all shapes and sizes. Amazing creativity and local artistic skill!

We then walked back down to Bree Street which is one of my favourite spots to explore shops, architecture and restaurants and of course - coffee shops!! I absolutely love this dusty pink door of the restuarant,  "Mulberry & Prince"   

If you are ever visiting Cape Town - make sure you make your way to this  vibrant, colourful, picturesque neighbourhood - the Bo-kaap and stop for  a coffee on Bree Street. 

Shirley xx