Monday, January 11, 2016

Hello January 2016

 We ended off  December 2015 with a celebration lunch with our friends and family! It was such a wonderful time to chat and laugh and look back at an amazing 2015! I give thanks for the dream of travelling to Paris and also spending Christmas with my family and also catching up with friends! Grateful beyond words!  I made a little embroidered hoop for each of my family and friends just to say "Thank You" for their love and friendship! 

This little bunny has found a very loving home with my daughters sweet friend. She loves her bunny! 

These little hexagons are growing very slowly! This is a baby blanket for my niece who is expecting her first baby at the end of March! I need to make time to finish this blanket soon!!

The hippo is probably my favourite little animal to crochet! The little hippo and monkey are for an order and will be travelling overseas to Canada! 

The animals all wrapped and ready to deliver!

Christmas in Durban 2015! 

We had such an amazing time staying with my brother over Christmas! We had time to relax by the pool, read and have many swims! The heat and humidity in Durban is extreme at this time of year! 

Emma is my brothers beautiful Newfoundland! She even gets into the pool on those humid summer days! 

Durban beachfront is a beautiful place to run, cycle, walk! We spent many hours down at the sea, swimming in the warm ocean and cooling off!! My favourite place to be in Durban! It brought back such wonderful memories of my time on the beach with friends when I was growing up! There is a lovely restaurant to have breakfast too!! 

These are the largest chelsea buns I have ever seen! You don't get these in Cape Town! Guess what? We had many of these!! 

The beautiful warm ocean of Durban! We had so many lovely swims and  such fun being tossed about by the strong waves! My favourite place to be! 

Back home in Cape Town now and we are getting ready for the school year to start tomorrow! 

There is nothing quite like coming home to your own bed, my dogs who I missed so much and realising how spoilt we are to live in Cape Town! The most beautiful city!! 

The sun only sets after 8 p.m. and so we often take a picnic supper down to the beach and then have a swim! The water is not as warm as Durban but very refreshing! 

There is always time for an ice cream!! Chocolate in a sugar cone! 

 We took a trip into Cape Town to have lunch with my husband at an interesting place filled with art and beautiful decor and restaurants! Along the way we discovered some street art!! I absolutely love street art!! 

 2016 is going to be amazing!! Go and have a ridiculously amazing week! 

Shirley xx 


  1. Such gorgeous scenery. What a lovely time you had. I hear the wind howling outside my window. And there is much snow about.

  2. Looks like your summer is going along swimmingly, Shirley!! We are in a cold spell here after a very mild December. I had forgotten how much I hated the freezing temperatures :)

    Happy 2016 to you and your family!