Friday, July 29, 2016

Winter picnics

When winter sets in and it rains for days and days in Cape Town we start to long for summer again! I know we need the rain desperately - that long soaking rain that fills our dams so we can enjoy summer again with no water restrictions! 

At the first ray of sunshine I decided it was a good time to pack a picnic lunch and head to the common. The Noordhoek common has its own beauty in winter and is only a short 10 minute drive away. 

The beauty of the little forests of bare trees and squirrels scampering up and down the trees is so beautiful. 

There are little streams flowing through the common and horses grazing in the green water soaked fields. Winter days have their own beauty.

We made or way to the bench as the fields were still a little wet from all the rain during the week. 

The beauty that surrounds us! 

We have been coming to the common for years with the girls. Hope has had birthday parties here in summer. We have come to picnics with friends and parties with friends. We have walked our dogs and played in the little streams. Such special memories of this swing! 

I love picnics! Packing the food and finding a spot to throw down a blanket and then chatting and relaxing in the beauty of nature. 

I am so glad my girls still love to go on spontaneous picnics and also still love this swing! They had so much laughter and fun spinning! 

The beauty of winter trees and the crisp, cold air.

When you spin and spin and laugh until your stomach hurts! 

May we never be too old to have a swing!!

"The greatest oak was once a little nut who held its ground." 

Catching the rays of sunshine on a cold winters day. 

My girls bring me so much happiness  and laughter. My greatest joy is watching them grow up into beautiful kind, generous, loving, brave young ladies. 

Shirley xx 

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  1. Nice post Shirl, I are really blessed to live so close to nature.
    Love you all