Monday, October 19, 2015

Back to reality ...

It was so wonderful to come back home to my two girls and the comfort of my home. It has taken me a few weeks to get my head around the daily routine of Homeschooling the girls and so with Paris and our amazing holiday still very much in my head I chose 12 of my favourite pictures from out trip. I chose a simple white frame and cut all the pictures into perfect little squares and arranged them in a grid pattern. I am loving how it turned out and it is above my desk so I glance at it often! 

We were so blessed to be invited to Gordons Bay for a weekend away. Gordons Bay is an easy hour drive away from Cape Town and is a beautiful little seaside town with a lovely little harbour. This was the sunset view from our apartment. We had such a lovely weekend with family and exploring this little town.
Before we headed home we went to Waterkloof Wine estate which is just 15 minutes away from Gordons Bay. We enjoyed the wine tasting and the beautiful panoramic views from this beautiful wine farm. I especially love the very modern and interesting  building and the fynbos which covers the mountains. 


I love this sculpture tree in the garden of the wine farm and again the most beautiful views down to Gordon's Bay and the ocean. 

I have been very busy over the last week and weekend planning and organising my "baby" daughters 12 birthday and party! I cant believe she is 12 and so tall! She had a wonderful birthday and fun time with all her friends! 

 Here are all the hundreds of flowers that were sent in from all over the world for Yarndale 2015 project. The project was put together by Sheila Metcalfe who is the most amazing women. Her vision was to raise money for the Alzeihmers society which is such a worthy cause! 

 All the flowers were then pinned onto these large panels in colours and displayed at Yarndale. 

 Such a magnificent display! 

I just love this picture of Sheila pinning the flowers on! Amazing and so beautiful! Sheila emailed me to thank me for the flowers I sent and tell me they raised £1862 for the Alzeihmers society! Wonderful!

Here are my little flowers I sent. This week I have my crochet hook out at last and have started a new blanket project! I also took out my cross stitch and will post pics this weekend of my projects and progress!

Happy crafting! 

Shirley xx 


  1. A beautiful post. A Belated Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter!
    I look forward to your craft pictures.

  2. I'm sure your photos collage will bring back many happy memories of Paris, Shirley--what a trip! Good luck with the homeschooling--I'm sure it is very rewarding.

    You and your daughter are both so tall (pretty, too!)--I'm envious as I am such a shrimp at 5 ft. 1 inch!! I used to love being short, but now that I'm older and shrinking it is harder and harder to reach things in stores or to find clothing that fits well...

    Hope your weather is warming up as you head into summer! Think of us freezing away here in the northern U.S.--ha ha :)