Saturday, October 3, 2015

Paris is always a good idea!

Leaving Cape Town for Paris! I was so excited - my dream becomes a reality! "Travel broadens our perspectives.Suddenly, the palette with which we paint the story of our lives has more colours." - Rick Stevens 

Dubai airport at 3 a.m. ready to board plane to Paris! 

Catching a taxi to our hotel and trying to speak French to the driver! At last I spot the Arc de Triomphe in the distance! 

Our lovely hotel is just a few steps away from the Champs Elysees and the Arc de Triomphe and shops! " 

Electric cars! 

Having our first French meal  and a view of Paris streets and life! 

Walking and taking the Metro's became our daily life. Such fun and so many adventures. 

Walking through the tunnel to get up close and personal with the magnificent - Arc de Triomphe! 

Shopping, boutiques and the most incredible stores I have ever seen! 

" There is no cure for Paris" !!

                                   Our very little lift in out hotel in Paris! Only space for the two of us!

Navigating our way around the Metro's! Everyday Paris life!

Gallery Lafayette is a huge department store with so much to look at! The glass dome is so beautiful and you can have a "cafe au lait"( coffee with milk) at the top restaurant which has a glorious view over Paris! 

Daily Metro life! Such fun! 

" Respirer paris, cela conserve l'ame. " - Victor Hugo ( Breathe Paris in , it nourishes the soul.)

Just one of my favourite buildings and patisseries/ restaurants! 

 The magestic Eiffel Tower!! 

 Taking the lift to the TOP! 


Half way - spectacular Paris views!

Taking it all in - having a baguette and cafe au lait for lunch next to the Seine! 

One of my favourite things we did in Paris was take a boat cruise on the river Seine! Magical!! 


Just the two of us and the Eiffel Tower - of course!! 

 Sightseeing with lots of other tourists! Sacre Couer and the town of Montmartre. 

Always time for a cafe au lait and the french pronounce my name as - "Julie" - I love it! 

The Louvre showing off on the most beautiful Paris day! 

 Getting lost in the Louvre and eventually finding the Mona Lisa! 

 " There is but one Paris, the French air clears up the brain and does good... a world of good." 
- Vincent Van Gough 

One of the highlights for me was  meeting up with my nieces French friend  Noelie! She took us to my favourite spot now - Le Marais. We expereinced unique French shopping,beautiful  boutiques and food. 

" La vie est belle ." - Life is beautiful! 

Love lock bridges over the Seine! Yes we put our lock on! 

 My favourite artist and one of my favourite paintings of his - Monet's Water Lillies!! Absolutely beautiful!! 

 We could never get enough of the Eiffel Tower! 


My favourite building - Saint Chapelle! Absolutely spectacular! 


 My husband ate snails  - of course! 

Leaving Paris for Provence and the french countryside for a few days. My first time on a fast train! So  exciting! 

"We'll always have Paris." - Casablanca 


  1. Looks like you and Rowan had an absolutely fantastic time in Paris. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures. Bianca

  2. Wow! How completely awesome! Cannot wait to see more. :)

  3. I'm so glad your trip to Paris was everything you hoped for Shirley! Everything looks amazing (I could not eat snails, though :)

    Happy you arrived safely home and are now settling in with such pleasant memories!