Monday, October 24, 2016

Travel - Camping on the River!

I decided to surprise my youngest daughter and planned a camping trip! I am not a camper!!
I love to travel and find amazing new places to visit but they must be in the comfort of a house with all the necessities and yes - luxuries! So this little holiday was quite a challenge for me!

A friend suggested this camping spot which is about two and half hours away from Cape Town and on a beautiful, picturesque river. The campsites are under trees and our site looked out at the river. Khomeesdrif campsite is on the Riviersonderend River only 15 min away from the little country town of Greyton.

Camping life is slow - there is lots of time to play "tennis", chat to new friends and prepare meals, kayak on the river, swim, play cards and relax! 

I actually realised how wonderful it is to all sit around a wood fire and chat! There was no internet connection or electricity so we couldnt be "busy" on our phones!! 

We decided to take a short 15 minute drive to the pretty little country town of Greyton.
The main street is lined with many restaurants and art galleries and antique/vintage shops. 

Old signs on a very old building - lovely! 

Talor has  always got a camera around her neck and finds the most amazing places to get the perfect "shot". She is such an amazing photographer!

Hope the birthday girl with her best friend - Josie. 

This is my favourite artists studio - David Kuijers. I absolutely love his work and have one print of his up in my house but was very tempted to buy another one! 

The quaint streets of Greyton. 

Back "home" to our campsite it was still raining and cold so we made another large fire and snuggled around the campfire for another cup of tea and rusks ans chatting! The slow life!! I think I could get used to this :-)) 

Happy 13 birthday my beautiful Hope! We love you so much!!xxxx

Shirley xx 

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