Thursday, June 11, 2015

Inspiring poppies!

Today I wanted to post pictures of my clay poppies. Clay is probably my favourite of all the art mediums and my dream has been to have my own ceramic studio where I could just sit and work with clay! Last year we did a Homeschool project on World War 1, Memorial Day. My girls loved the project and I was so inspired by the British artist Paul Cummins who with a large team made hundreds of thousands of poppies out of clay and then installed them in the gardens at the Tower of London.

On November 11, Armistice Day, they "planted" 888,246 of the clay poppies. This is one for each of the British and Colonial soldiers, sailors and airmen who perished in the Great War! They then sold each poppy and raised millions for charity. How incredible! We then decided to make our own and I also found out that my great grandfather and great uncle fought in this war. Even more amazing!

We pay tribute to these brave men! Beautiful red poppies!


  1. AMAZING Shirl, now you need to put a cost on each with a link to buy them - I would pay R200 for one easily!