Monday, July 6, 2015

Hello Monday!

"More than anything, I must have flowers always, always." Claude Monet

My lounge is full of beautiful flowers as my husband spoilt me with a beautiful bunch of roses, sunflowers and daisies and I couldn't resist orange and yellow poppies that were about to bloom! 

I have just started following "floretflower" on Instagram. She is a flower farmer and has fields of the most beautiful flowers and she  inspired me with her  beautiful pictures to get into my garden this weekend and plant some little foxgloves and pansies! Enjoy her stunning fields of foxgloves and sweet peas! 

So happy Monday and today I am forever grateful for flowers and the joy they bring into our lives! Lets think of all the things we are grateful for this week! 


  1. Flowers can certainly bring a lot of joy into our lives, can't they, Shirley? And these are gorgeous. What fun it must be to be a flower farmer :)

  2. Love this. We have been planting here too and it's so lekker to have fresh flowers at hand to enjoy. I didn't know you were on Instagram! :)