Saturday, July 11, 2015

Lets Go!

 I'm taking the opportunity to do some scrapbooking this weekend. I have been asked to do a mini baby album for a friend for a very special little baby. I will post pictures and an update of this special project later this month.

I started a scrapbooking course online with Ali Edwards at the beginning of this year. She is an amazing inspiring scrapbooker and I  have  learnt so much from her courses about storytelling and layout. I love her clean, simple layouts which  are not full of  embellishments but are more about telling a story. The scrapbooking course is called, "One Little Word". The word I have chosen for myself this year is  - GO. This is a year of stepping out and being more healthy. I started gym and have a personal trainer who is helping me get fitter and maintain  healthy eating habits.

I GO to pilates/ yoga class which has been amazing! I also have started to run again which gives me time for myself in my busy daily life of Homeschooling my girls and their extra mural activities!

We have decided to GO and travel this year! This has been a dream of mine for years! We have booked our tickets and in September we GO to PARIS and to visit friends in Luxembourg! Lots of planning in the weeks to follow!

Next week is our last week of July school holidays and we Go on a roadtrip to the Karoo to visit my nephew and his family. I am looking forward to spending time with my family and relaxing in  the Karoo mountains. I will have lots of pictures to share and scrapbook!

 Have a happy weekend! I hope you find time to relax, be kind, plan a holiday, laugh, have fun and love those close to you!

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