Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Edwards Menagerie...

I am so excited to be starting these little crochet animals! The book is beautiful with excellent instructions and clear photographs of each animal. 

My oldest daughter has chosen the sweet little Hippo named Georgina. I am so enjoying crocheting this little hippo as it is Level 1 and Kerry Lord the designer has excellent instructions to follow. I love the cool grey yarn she chose for her hippo.

My youngest daughter adores the giraffe! Caitlin the Giraffe is the hardest and Level 3 design! I have persevered with those little horns as they are so tiny! The body is also unique as it has a mix of colour changes to create the patch effect all over the tummy and up the long neck. 

The little horns and ears are now sewn into position and she has her little eyes stitched using  my cross stitch thread. Her body is complete and stuffed and all I need to do is her 4 legs. Little hippo and giraffe should both be complete by the weekend! 

I couldn't resist this picture of a baby hippoptamus. How cute! We are so lucky to have seen hippo's in game reserves and they are such amazing animals. 

This is my first time crocheting animals and I am sure I am going to be working my way through  ALL these animals in Edwards Menagerie! My favourite is the bunny! 

Happy Wednesday and what are you busy creating, stitching, crocheting, knitting this week? 

Shirley xx


  1. Oh you are doing an excellent job! How very sweet. Look at that baby hippo! squee.

  2. Awww... your giraffe is looking so cute, Shirley--well done!!

  3. so cute! What hook is it that you're using??