Saturday, August 8, 2015

Walking ...

Saint Augustine said, "Solvitur Ambulando" - "It is solved by walking." I have always loved getting out and going for a walk. I really don't have any problems I need solving but the pure joy of walking refreshes my soul. It is a time to take  a breath and "just be". I live in the most beautiful city in South Africa! Cape Town is truly magical. 

The winter weather this year has been amazing. We had warm sunshine days this week where I took the opportunity to take my girls and their friends who are visiting from Canada to beautiful Simonstown. We first stopped off at our favourite ice cream parlour! 

We then set off for a short walk to the pier to soak up the sun and look for whales. Whale season has started but although we didn't see any whales we spotted a seal. They are always fun to watch.

The little sailing boats look so magical and dreamy. 

We then took a walk to the little town and went into one of my favourite coffee and decor shops - The Meeting Place. 

I just love these bright pink chairs and tables. 

 One of my favourite signs.

We also went to my favourite beach - Kommetjie. Amazing weather for winter!

Paradise found. I dream of living in a house here on this beach. 

As part of my gym routine my personal trainer has me walking a few kilometres every week. This walk along the ocean from Glencairn to Simonstown is absolutely stunning. The colour of the water is so gorgeous. 

This week I feasted on - walking!
 If you get an opportunity - go take a walk and just breathe. 

Happy weekend xx 


  1. What a lovely post Shirley. Now that I have gone through physio, after suffering 10 years in chronic pain, I am able to walk for exercise again. I still have pain, but oh the joy. To be able to enjoy walking. Yes, a blessing.

  2. I wouldn't mind walking if I had that view!

  3. Hello Shirley,

    I've popped over to your blog from stitching dreams blog, I was curious to learn more about you as we share the same name and quiet a few other things too! We used to live in Glen Cairn, we are now living in England, have done for the past 5 years, I also homeschool, cross stitch, crochet and knit! I had to smile at all those coincidences!

    Lovely blog you have, will be sure to come back and visit.

    X Shirley

  4. I love to walk, too, Shirley, but tend to do it on my treadmill. I know I would walk more outside if I lived in Cape Town. Not only is your weather nicer year-round, but it looks like a truly lovely city. Who knows? Maybe we will be lucky enough to travel there some day :)