Saturday, August 1, 2015


Loving the WEEKEND and the time to refresh and relax.

Loving my garden and all the beautiful proteas and pincushions that are full of buds and some have already opened.

Loving the colours of this beauty - protea in a pot outside my front door.

Loving where I live. These beautiful sunny winters days that break the icy cold winter rainy grey

Loving the warm sun on my skin and the brightness of the sky , sea and sand.

Loving spending time with those I love, friends visiting from Canada, family, my girls and my husband.

Loving long walks and talks in Kalk Bay with my husband after a busy week.

Loving homeschooling my girls and watching their growth.

Loving this blog and connecting with people overseas and close to home who love creating and making beautiful things to treasure.

Loving gym and getting fit and eating healthier.

Have a wonderful weekend full of LOVING! xx


  1. I have never seen protea before Shirley. They are lovely.

  2. Hi Vickie, we have so many different proteas here in Cape Town. I will post more pictures of them! The sunbirds that come to drink their nectar are just beautiful too! Have a lovely weekend xx

  3. Great post. You live in a beautiful area!

  4. Thanks Pam, it really is gorgeous and such a blessing.