Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hooked on Crochet!

I am just loving all the crochet patterns and inspiration I am finding on Instagram and all the  inspiring blogs. I am following the Toft Alpaca Shop on Instagram and look what they have just put on their website as a free pattern!  

This cute little Ice Cream and Cone pattern is a free download. 

My favourite is always chocolate ice cream so I decided to crochet 3 to start with. 

Vanilla, strawberry and chocolate! Which is your favourite?

The little cones and ice cream does not take long to crochet and is easy to stuff and then sew together. It was a great start for me to follow a crochet pattern that is very different from my granny square blanket, flowers and Happy Flower Coasters that  I have been crocheting. 

I was so inspired by the animal designs by Kerry Lord who works for the Toft Alpaca Shop that I just have to try and crochet these adorable little animals. I have  ordered the book and cannot wait for it to arrive so I can start. My daughters are already choosing which ones they want me to crochet for them. 

This is Georgina the Hippo and she is one of my favourites! The little ballet shoes and tutu are also a free download pattern.

As my family all know I absolutely love birds so this will be my next purchase! How cute and amazing are these bird designs!!

I think I might start with  Emma the bunny! 

Here is the amazing Meghan the Toucan. I cannot wait to get started.   

The Toft Alpaca Shop is a Luxury British DIY knitwear and wool compnay. They offer alpaca and wool knitting yarns and knitting and crochet patterns. They are based on an alpaca farm in Toft, Warwickshire. 

They also have a lovely coffee shop and they offer craft workshops and classes. These classes range from beginner and easy for total craft newbies. 

On their website they  have fantastic video tutorials to help you if you get stuck with a pattern or the basic stitches for knitting and crochet. Find them at :

 Go take a look at their website and I hope you are inspired as I am.

This month I am all about CROCHET  and I am totally hooked on all the amazing possibilities to create with a hook and some beautiful yarn!

Happy Wednesday xx


  1. I've been crocheting too. I hadn't picked up a crochet hook in many many years, but my girls asked for scarves for Christmas last year and I had the great idea to crochet them and I've been playing with yarn ever since! I've only been making blankets and scarves, but I love the items you've made!

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  3. Pam that is such a lovely gift for your girls! Blankets take so much time! Yarn is really addictive :))

  4. How cute are those ice cream cones, Shirley--and much better for your waistline, too :) I look forward to seeing which animals your daughters choose--I know they'll be anxiously waiting for you to finish! Happy August to you :)