Saturday, August 22, 2015

Loving ...

Loving...this little giraffe. It is the sweetest little animal to crochet. It has taken me a week to work out how to follow the pattern, stuff and sew her together. I have loved every minute and my daughter is so happy with her new little giraffe. I am now almost finished with the cutest little Hippo for my eldest daughter. 

Loving.. painting this little watercolour tag of a Bokmakierie  for a friend overseas. I am also sending her some flower and heart tags. 


Loving ... the winter days here in Cape Town and although we have had some really cold, rainy days we have also been blessed with many beautiful sunny days. I took the opportunity to take a walk on my favourite Kommetjie beach. It really is like paradise on this beach!

Loving ... the gorgeous bright orange pincushions that are blooming in my garden. Loving that  Spring is on its way! 

 Loving...this quote and the joy of this beautiful life! 

Happy weekend and breathe, enjoy and LOVE!

Shirley xx 

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